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Big Scary Show – Episode 216 – Charity Haunts

As we continue to get ready for the season; building in the heat, humidity and mosquitoes, some of us might question why we continue to do this year after year.  Some do it for the money, some for the love of Halloween, and some do it for other reasons, including helping those in need. Many haunts out there are doing some amazing things for their communities and not making a dime off of their efforts. We sit down at the Roundtable of Terror with charity haunt owners from Florida, Ohio, and British Columbia and talk about how their home and professional haunts are making a difference in their local areas.

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Greetings Listeners! Meathook Jim here, and I have some great news! As some of you know, we have been having issues with our RSS feed, which has been failing to update our show on iTunes. After a good amount of work, I have been able to get our feed restarted. iTunes is now restarting with …