Unknown Scareactor

Having a love of Halloween all of his life, the Unknown Scare-Actor started at a young age with a yard haunt, which he kept through his teen years. Using any means necessary to get a scare, and testing different scare techniques on his family.  In his 20’s and 30’s he spent 11 years producing, directing and acting in a Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow cast in Florida. After moving to Ohio, he spent several seasons at King’s Island Halloween Haunt, taking the character assigned to him, and making it his own, through back stories, costume and makeup changes  to further develop his characters and increase the fear level for his unsuspecting victims. He is currently going into his fourth year of terrifying customers at the Dent Schoolhouse. Always willing to mentor the newbies, with suggestions and encouragement, he also watches and speaks with veterans in the industry, for new ways to finds that elusive “perfect scare”. He is a writer for Haunter’s Digest and created Unknowns Scare-Actor, LLC for the purpose of bringing his knowledge to the masses. As he likes to remind you during his recent seminars at HauntCon and Midwest Haunters Convention,  and YouTube videos, “Everyone….is afraid of something!”

A New offering for 2013 is Voice Work for Haunt Commercials and Attractions.  He has produced several commercials for the Big Scary Show, including spots for Von Charon Productions, Creepy Collection, and Dark Spectre Custom Couture, as well as doing the intro voice over for Backwoodz Oddities haunted attraction in Waverly Ohio.