Big Scary Show – Episode 115 – Can You Escape?

Episode 115

For many haunts, this weekend is the start of the haunt season, many people looking for an escape….Escape you say?  Well the Roundtable of Terror is all about Escape Rooms, with Kelly Collins and Dalton Dale. Listen to the shenanigans that ensue, as you get an “off air” discussion and restart, as one of the (g)hosts called in during the RoT guest introductions

Badger brings us an interview with Robert Kurtzman of Creature Corps, as well as the latest Deadline News.  Vysther is back with the Haunted Vista and it’s what you can’t see after you open the door ,that’s the the subject ,as he gives us his take on the Invisible Man.

Storm brings his unique style to his latest Haunt Minute, while the (g)host with multiple personality disorder gives you a 2fer on Scare Actor Spotlight, as he chats with Keith and Mike Newsome from ScareAtorium.  all of this while the “on assignment” Haunt Rocker manages to find time to spin the spooky tunes.

Featured Music

Vigil Franklin – Master of the Ethermuse

So it Begins

By the  Fullness of the Moon

Midnight Has Come