Big Scary Show – Episode 116 – October Clowns

Episode 116

Finally!  October….and all this clown sighting nonsense has made to our podcast, which is kind of funny, since Badger has Coulrophobia.  Anyway, the Roundtable of Terror is all about queue line acting, as we sit down and talk about the ins and outs of working the line, with Mike Edwards and Jackie Appel.

Apparently there are no clowns at The Haunted Pyramids or Scarowinds as Badger brings us interviews from both haunts.  Storm rants as only he can, in a Haunt Minute.  Jim(yes Jim) is back with Ron Gillespie from ScareAtorium, on Scare Actor Spotlight, and the MIA Haunt Rocker manages to find the time to spin the spooky tunes.

We hid the body, but you will become an accomplice, just by listening to..



Featured Music:

the Doll House – Sinister Symphonies, UK

I, Vampire – Solitude Black

I Wan 2B your Vampire – SpookhauS