Big Scary Show – Episode 123 – Happy New Year 2017

Episode 123

Well, here it is 2017, and all the (g)hosts partied a bit too much over the holidays. We managed to get sober long enough to get this show together, but due to schedule conflicts, we do not have a new Roundtable of Terror for you, so we sorted through the archives and dug up our longest ROT, which was also our most populated ROT, as we had 5 count them 5 guests for the soon to be famous ROT from way back on Episode 8(!), the Horror Show Hosts.  This ROT was one for the ages  and the standard bearer, as with the (g)hosts we had 9 people on this call.  We are hoping some of our newer listeners will enjoy this blast from the past, as the Big Scary Show creeps closer to Anniversary #5, coming in April.

Most of the usual segments are back, with Badger and Deadline News, Storm ranting in a Haunt Minute, and Vysther is back with Music Appreciation.  Meathook Jim decided he was to hung over to do Scare-Actor Spotlight, and rumor has it he is developing a new segment for the show (STAY TUNED!). Of course the newly relocated Haunt Rocker found time to spin the spook tunes.

We hid the body, but you will become and accomplice, just by listening to….



Featured Music:

Shadow’s Symphony:

Desolate Horror

Blood Drenched Hall

Wailing in the Air