Big Scary Show – Episode 125 – HauntCon Coverage

Episode 125

Badger headed out to Nashville to get a lot of HauntCon coverage, and he does not disappoint.  A show full of interviews with Agony Props, Demented Design Studio, Dr. Terror Eyes, Exotic Lenses, Gantom’s ZTag game, Haunted Farms, Nightmare on 3008, Mike Ross, and of course, the Godfather of HauntCon, Leonard Pickel.

Our Roundtable of Terror is a special one, as we celebrate 20 years of Midnight Syndicate.  Ed and Gavin provide some great insight on how the band came to be, what it was like performing live at Cedar Point, some of their favorite songs, as well as some exciting news regarding Midnight Syndicate at Transworld, but you have to listen to the show for the details.

Badger is back the latest in Deadline News, Storm rants on about the alleged bacon shortage, Vysther is back with a piece on the “Voice From Hell”, Mr. Dick Terhune himself.  Meathook Jim has returned with a new segment, Tips ‘n Tricks (TNT), and the first in helpful tips is addressed for new scare-actors, as the subject matter will be covered by any experienced haunter you work with.

The Haunt Rocker spins the spooky tunes, as we are playing the favorite tracks of Ed, Gavin and Jerry Vayne.

We hid the body, and you will become an accomplice, just by listening to….



Featured Music:

Midnight Syndicate (as chosen by Ed Douglas) – Alternative Therapy

Midnight Syndicate (as chosen by Gavin Goszka – Slight Miscalculation

Midnight Syndicate w/ Jerry Vayne – Shadows  (Haunt Rocker Remix)