Big Scary Show – Episode 189 – Summertime Blues

Big Scary Show – Episode 189 – Summertime Blues

It’s July and it’s HOT! However, haunters are pushing their way through the heat and humidity getting their haunts prepared as the season draws ever nearer.  We’re also in the middle of hiring season so owners are meeting new actors and staff. How do you keep them healthy, happy, well-fed, and loyal?  We ask that question to Shannon Hopps of Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano, Texas as she joins us on the Roundtable of Terror. Her ideas and examples are something every haunt owner should strive for and use her suggestions to keep your actors scaring all night long.  In addition, Badger has an interview with David and Claire from Midsummer Scream in Long Beach, CA for all the last-minute news before the show August 3-4th.  (Come see us at booth 1304.)

Storm rants about ‘Storm-ing’ Area 51 in a haunt minuteMeathook Jim talks about haunts and horror overseas (and drops a HUGE teaser),  Jerry Vayne spins us a trio of spooky tunes in order to get you in the mood for Halloween,  Badger reads the latest in Deadline News, and Vysther talks about horror movies from the 1970’s.

We hid the body, but YOU will become an accomplice just by listening to………..the BIG SCARY SHOW

Featured Music

Dali Van Goh – The Demon
Michael Hedstrom – The House on the Hill
Michale Graves – Beware