Big Scary Show – Episode 211 – GOTHS

Episode 211

World Goth Day was May 22nd, and the (g)Hosts dimmed the lights, threw a black tablecloth over the Roundtable of Terror, and invited a quintet of goths to share the goth subculture, how it influences the Haunted Attraction Industry, and some the culture’s practice.  Join Valtinen Kari, Amanda Revenge, Meghan Kochersperger, Caitlin Gleason, and Jeremy Reid on this decidedly gloomy ROT.

Badger brings us the latest Deadline News, Storm rants about Chad and Karen, in a Haunt Minute. Meathook Jim talks about Shakespearean funeral practices, while the Haunt-strumentalist spins the spooky tunes.  Vysther is off for the episode , but he promises to be back in two weeks.

We hid the body, but you will become an accomplice, just by listening to ………….. The Big Scary Show


Featured Music:

Shadow’s Symphony – Beneath The Dark

Verse 13 – The Souls That  Wander

Virgil – Midnight