Big Scary Show – Episode 213 – Haunt Experience

As Summer approaches, the (g)hosts are gathered around the Roundtable of Terror, deep in the dungeons of the Big Scary Show studio, where we have offered up seats to the three 20+ year veterans of the haunt industry.  John Denley, Ricky Dick, and Cliff Martin join us to share stories, overcoming hardships, and doing what it takes to run a lasting haunted attraction.

Badger brings us the latest Deadline News, Storm rants on, in a Haunt Minute, Meathook Jim looks at Scottish Funeral Rites in Between the Corpses, The Hauntstrumentalist spins the spooky tunes, and Vysther is back with Part 2 of the Horror of it All.

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We hid the body, but you will become an accomplice, just by listening to…

The Big Scary Show


Featured Music:

Audio Zombie – Apparition

Demented ar Gogo – Welcome Back to Insanity Hall

Dr. Frankenfingers – An Unholy Citadel