Episode 215

As we move into the dog days of summer and try to keep social distancing and wearing masks, the Big Scary Show continues to bring you all the news, information and entertainment you’ve come to expect. Hang in there for a few more weeks and maybe, just maybe, the weather will start turning cooler and our minds will definitely be turning towards Halloween.

Storm will be ranting on about unsolved mysteries and more in a Haunt Minute. Meathook Jim shares with us burial practices in Romania.  Badger brings you the latest information in Deadline News. The Haunt-Strumentalist Jerry Vayne spins a trio of rockin’ tunes to keep you moving during build season.  And Vyshter continues his countdown on ‘The Horror of it All’.

Speaking of build season, the Roundtable of Terror talks to three home haunters about how they get ready for the Halloween season. It’s an interesting conversation that even sends Meathook Jim strolling down memory lane.  If you’re already checking out the hardware and craft stores for Halloween decorations, then you’ll want to listen in. All this, plus so much more.

We hid the body, but you will become an accomplice just by listening to……..the BIG SCARY SHOW

Featured Music
Calabrese – Ghostwolves
Gargantua – Black Lagoon
The Independents – Walking Dead