Big Scary Show – Episode 224 – Attack of the Karens

Episode 224

As we continue to wrap up Halloween 2020 and rush headlong into the holiday season, the Big Scary Show would like to remind you that we’re here for you, every week of the year, keeping you informed and entertained with all things going on in the world of Halloween.

Storm is ranting again in a Haunt Minute, Meathook Jim has traveled to yet another place for Between the Corpses, Badger reads the latest in Deadline News, and Jerry Vayne brings you some rockin’ tunes to keep you moving while you finish up your breakdowns, (or perhaps building up for your Christmas haunts?) It’s Vysther’s anniversary so we gave him the night off.

Attention: haunt owners: Did you notice that people going through your haunt were more…aggressive than in years past? We did, so we’ve brought in haunt owners and managers from around the US to our Roundtable of Terror to talk about the dreaded Karens and Chads, and all the other difficult customers that seemed to be everywhere this season and how they handled them. If you have a good story about a bad customer, let us know.

We hid the body….but you will become an accomplice just by listening to THE BIG SCARY SHOW.

Featured Music
Grave Robber – Nightbreed (A Big Scary Show Exclusive)
Michael Hedstrom – The House on the Hill
PsychoCharger – I Eat the Dead

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