Big Scary Show – Episode 232 – Midnight Syndicate

Episode 232

As winter slowly starts coming to an end, the Big Scary Show is looking forward to the return of spring. Warmer weather, flowers blooming, and haunters start thinking about one thing: “What is Midnight Syndicate going to put out this year?”  Well, we’re not 100% sure about that last part, but we DO know what’s happening with our favorite musical haunt duo.

Storm is ranting about a new film featuring two words that should NEVER be used in the same sentence. Meathook Jim is discussing funeral practices in Thailand. Badger brings you the latest in Deadline News. Jerry Vayne is spinning the haunted tunes to welcome in spring and chase away those winter blues. Vysther has this episode off, and there’s a brand new Gruesome Giveaway for the month of March.  Be sure to listen and enter.

We invite the masters of macabre music back to the Roundtable of Terror as Ed Douglas and Gavin Gozska of Midnight Syndicate announce some brand new music for 2021 as well as a few special things they have going on. We also delve into their past as they’ve now been together for 25 years, and find out their origins and so much more. You do NOT want to miss this Roundtable.

We hid the body……..but you will become an accessory just by listening to: the BIG SCARY SHOW!

Featured music:
Midnight Syndicate – Awakening
Midnight Syndicate – Noctem Aeternus
Midnight Syndicate – Sleep

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