Big Scary Show – Episode 256 – Sliders!

Episode 256

Here it is, February, and the Roundtable of Terror is all about sliders.  No , not the small burgers you get at place like White Castle, we are talking about a unique group of actors that “slide” up when you least expect it.  Slider Jesus, Pongo Joe, Sparrow and T join us to talk about the history, skills and experience of being a slider.

Badger brings us the latest in Deadline News and a new Gruesome Giveaway, Storm rants about the Mexican Cartel workers, or are they just Haunters on a smoke break?   Meathook talks about the martyrs of the Roman arena, in Between the Corpses, while the Old Crone brings you more wisdom for the Haunt Industry.  all this topped off by the Haunt-strumentalist spinning the spooky tunes.

We hid the body, but you will become an accomplice, just by listening to ……………


Featured Music:

The Recently Deceased – It Walks

the Rhythm Coffin – Halloween is Like Christmas to Me

The Skeleton Beats – Succubus