Big Scary Show – Episode 261 – The Haunted Attraction Association

Episode 261
As we enter our second decade of podcasting all the news and information regarding the haunt industry, we kick things off with several board members from the Haunted Attraction Association to discuss all things haunt related. They have some interesting things to say about what’s going on now and in the future with the haunt industry.

Storm rants about what NOT to do in a haunt if you get scared, in a Haunt Minute.. Meathook Jim discusses Druids in Between the Corpses. Badger brings you the latest in Deadline News. The Old Crone talks to makeup artists at Transworld. There’s a Gruesome Giveaway winner for April, (who could it be?) We spin some spooky tunes to keep you in a haunting mood. And to top it off, we bring you an exclusive interview with actor Santiago Cirilo from The Walking Dead .

The Roundtable of Terror invites HAA President Spencer Terry, Vice President Cody Bailey, and former President Brett Hays to have a seat and discuss the importance of the Association and how it can benefit not only the big haunts, but smaller haunts, home haunters, and even those who don’t own a haunt. Whether you are (or are not) a member of the HAA, you’ll want to tune in and find out what’s going on in the industry.

We hid the body, but you’ll become an accomplice just by listening to……..the BIG SCARY SHOW

Featured music:
Shadow’s Symphony – Beneath the Dark                                                                          Audio Zombie – Apparition
Music for Haunts – Storming Vampire Castle

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