Big Scary Show – Episode 47 – HauntCon 2014

Episode 47

Did you miss going to HauntCon? This show is all about everything HauntCon related! There’s lots of interviews from many celebrities including the owner of the convention, Leonard Pickel. Can’t get enough of the television show Face Off!? Listen carefully and you might learn something! Badger’s Deadline News continues to keep you updated on the latest in the haunt industry while Storm’s Haunt Minute amuses you with his rant about the South’s recent fiasco called a “Snow STORM!” Jerry spins his own musical web with one of his own creations as well as two more from excellent artists.

You might notice the blatant absence of the Roundtable of Terror. Fear not foolish mortals, it shall return in our next episode! The Unknown Scare Actor has an all new Face Your Fears. You might just learn something about a mammal.
We hid the body, but you will become an accomplice  by listening to the Big Scary Show!!!
Episode 47 featured music:
Voodoo Doll – Jerry Vayne
Body Freezer -Red Crow Design
All Hallows – Sam Haynes