Big Scary Show – Episode 62 – Haunt Season Begins!

Episode 62

For some haunts, the scaring fun begins this weekend.  Badger has a chat with fan favorite Sal Lizard, the Vampire Santa, and apparently he had to do something to get this interview.  Ask Badger about his Sal Lizard button!  The Unknown Scare-Actor went under the knife recently, allegedly for hernia repair, but was it something else?  his voice sounds a little….off.

Midnight Syndicate will be playing LIVE for the first time ever and Badger gets the scoop from Brian Edwards at Cedar Point, about the long awaited show, and some of us will see if Gavin actually exists.  The Big Scary Show will be covering this epic show later this month.

Badger keeps his finger on the ever failing pulse of the haunt industry in Deadline News. Storm Rants on , Jerry spins the tunes,  and The Unknown Scare-Actress dissects fear (????)

The Roundtable of Terror covers a topic we have been threatening to do for 2 years….Movies.  After this roundtable, you can send Badger nasty messages to

We hid the body, but you will become an accomplice…just by listening to


Featured Music:

Abominator – Doyle

Jason Never Dies – First Jason

Made in Hell – Gorgeous Frankenstein