Big Scary Show – Episode 74 – HauntCon 2015

Episode 74 – Hauntcon 2015

Its all about HauntCon.

Badger is a busy beaver as the primary voice of the show, and he brings us a slew of interviews from HauntCon 2015 in Baton Rouge, LA.

All that is HauntCon, starts with Leonard Pickel, the Godfather of Haunting, and continues with a who’s who in the industry:

Tombstone Factory, Von Charon, Worped Studios,  VFX Puppets, and Gantom, as the the vendor list goes on and on.

Badger talks about Mardi Gras with Wicked Wendy, and has interviews with Dick Terhune, Derek Vitas, Dr Terror Eyes and other haunt industry notables.

Storm rants on about Haunted Attractions, and how to scare better, in a Haunt Minute, the Unknown Scare-Actor brings a Face Your Fears that makes you use the sense of hearing, and The Haunt-Strementalist spins the spooky tunes to keep you in the mood.


We Hid the Body, but you will become an accomplice, just by listening to:



Featured Music:

Psycho Charger – I Eat the Dead

Dr FrankenFingers – An Unholy Citadel

Jimmy Psycho Experiment – The Munsters – Lounge Version