Big Scary Show Episode I – Big and Scary

Big Scary Show Episode I
Something new has unearthed itself to bring you a frightfully exciting pod cast reaching out across the dark and fearsome landscape of the haunt and horror community. The first episode features Badger bringing to life Frankenhooker’s Patty Mullen with other frights from the Mad Monster Party and the Unknown Scare-Actor has you Face your Fears.
The Round Table of Terror takes on Conventions for the debut of this core element of the show. The comments and ideas spill out so much that the allotted time gets tossed into an open grave along with the audio of a key member. Meanwhile Jerry Vayne has come up with some music selection for the show that will help fuel you nightmares and inspires your dark side and Storm rants about traveling as Haunt Minute finds a spot in the show. Finally get ready to be up close and uncomfortable as you meet the crew who bring the scary to this big show.
We hid the body, but you will become an accomplice just by listening to this premier episode of the Big Scary Show!!!

Episode I featured music:
Gravediggers Dance by Ragdolls
Rock & Roll Creep Show by The Graveyard Boulevard
Teenage Frankenstein by Gojira X
Witch by Snake City Playboys