Big Scary Show – Deadline News Special Edition – HauntCon 2012

Coverage of the 2012 HauntCon show was so extensive; Thorn Web Designs is bringing you a Deadline News Special Edition. Badger and the Unknown Scare Actor collected interviews and commentary from the show floor while The Haunt Rocker and Storm held down the fort at the studios to add some flair and music that only the Big Scary Show can provide. Headlining this special report:

Quan Gan of Darklight : Precision Lighting Systems
Chris Markgraf of Froggy’s Fog
A conversation with Granny
RJ Haddy of SyFyís Face Off Season 2
Savana Jade Wehunt from AMC’s The Walking Dead
Nick and Brian Wolfe of Evil Twin FX
Craig Hines of Dark Imaginings

Turn the lights down and the speakers up because Thorn Web Designs is allowing this special edition to show you where we hid the body at HauntCon 2012.

Featured music:
Dark Lullaby by Prelude to a Nightmare
The Haunting of the Crowley House by Shadowís Symphony
Guardians of the Night by Virgil