Big Scary Show – Episode 110 – MHC Wrap Up Part 2

Episode 110

We conclude our MHC coverage in this episode, as Badger interviews Zombie Skin, Rex B. Hamilton, and our new Premier Sponsor Gantom Lighting.  The Unknown Scare-Actor interviews Ben Peter from Face Off Season 8, Haunt Safe, MorphStore, Spookhouse Productions, Terror Tech, and Spooky Hoot.

The Roundtable of Terror is back and talking about Haunt actor injuries and safety, with Kirby Hilyard, and actor With M.A.U.L., and Tabitha Barron with the Haunted Hornet. Badger, Storm, and the USA also share a couple of their injury stories, as the Haunt Rocker is absent from this ROT due to a sneaky little scorpion (SHOES, Jerry)

Badger brings us Deadline News, Storm rants about pumpkins, Jerry spins the tunes and the Unknown Scare-Actor gives us a cryptic message in Scare Actor Spotlight.

We hid the body, but you will become an accomplice, just by listening to…

The Big Scary Show!!


Featured Music:

Psychocharger: Channel 13 (with Unkle Pigors of Toxic Tunes)

Gathering of Darkness : Souls of Black

Grave Robber: Army of the Dead