Big Scary Show – Episode 217 – Haunt Actor Trainers

Episode 217

Here it is, the middle of August. Haunt season is just around corner, in spite of the global situation.  Now is the time to start the audition and training process for a lot of haunts. The Roundtable of Terror offers up a trio of electric chairs to Japes Palles, Andy Arrasmith and Matt Clayton, as we discuss the training process, how it will possibly differ this year, and due to social distancing, the need for veteran actors to carry the season.

Badger sits down to talk with fellow consultant Scott Swenson about a new project he is involved in called Undead in the Water, but you have to listen to find out more about this intriguing concept.

Badger reads us the latest in Deadline News, Storm rants on about the mystery seeds from China, in a Haunt Minute.  Meathook Jim’s Between the Corpses is all about Funeral customs in Germany, and the Haunt-strumentalist Jerry Vayne spins us a trio of spooky tunes.

We Hid The Body, but you will become an accomplice, just by listening to……


Featured Music:

Dr Frankenfingers – An Unholy Citadel

Ven Helsing’s Curse – Halloween

Wednesday 13 – What the Night Brings