Big Scary Show – Episode 254 – Marketing with the Voice From Hell

It’s mid-January and while a lot of people aren’t even thinking about Halloween, now is the time for haunt owners to start planning their marketing campaign for 2022.  Marketing guru and the Voice From Hell, Dick Terhune joins the (g)hosts at the Roundtable of Terror for a conversation about marketing strategy, and how demographics play a huge role.  They also discuss A Christmas Carol ( in January???).

Badger is back with the latest in Deadline News, Storm rants about haunted Christmas gifts, in a Haunt Minute.  Meathook Jim continues the history of torture and execution, in Between the Corpses, while The Old Crone returns with a segment on designing a logo. All of this is tied together by the Haunt-strumentalist spinning a trio of spooky tunes.

We hid the body, but you will become an accomplice, just by listening to……………  THE BIG SCARY SHOW

Featured Music:

Demented Are Go – Welcome Back to Insanity Hall

DIEMONSTERDIE – Lucky Number 666

Dr. Frankenfingers – An Unholy Citadel