Big Scary Show – Episode 255 – Valentine’s Day Haunts

Episode 255
‘Tis the season of love and the Big Scary Show is feeling it as we’d love to have you listen to this current episode and get your haunted attraction fix as we countdown towards Transworld.

Storm is ranting about local laws in a Haunt Minute, Meathook Jim discusses torture techniques in ancient Greece, Badger bring you the latest in Deadline News, The Old Crone is back talking about branding (and not the type involving red-hot pokers) and we bring you more spooky tunes to keep you in the haunting spirit.

Speaking of the season of love, the (g)hosts invite haunt owners from Alabama, Michigan, and New Jersey to have a seat at the Roundtable of Terror, and have a conversation regarding their Valentine’s Day events. How difficult is it to put on such an event and why is going to a haunted attraction the perfect Valentine’s Day date? Tune in to find out. So grab your significant other, dim the lights, cozy up to the fire, and enjoy Episode 255 of the Big Scary Show.

We hid the body, but you will become an accomplice just by listening to……..The BIG SCARY SHOW

Featured Music:
Michael Hedstrom – The House on the Hill                                                                         PTAN – Prelude to a Nightmare                                                                                          Verse 13 – The Asylum Speaks

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