Big Scary Show – Episode 259 – Transworld Wrapup Part 1

Transworld 2022 is in the books. Four days of amazing props, lighting, costumes, escape rooms, masks, makeup, Christmas decorations, animatronics, and so much more. Badger, The Old Crone, Wicked Wendy, and Sylvia Vile all descended upon St Louis and talked to so many people that we can’t get it all in one show. There are LOTS of interviews from the show floor by vendors like: Boneyard Productions, Kreepsville 666, MadnessFX, Nick Wolfe, Poison Props, KayCellFX, ToxicFX, When Hinges Creak, Haunt Scheduler, Rich Bianco from Transworld, and more.

Storm is ranting about haunted ventriloquist dolls in a Haunt Minute. Meathook Jim discusses torture and execution methods from ancient Rome. Badger brings you the latest in Deadline News. The Old Crone gives you a ‘best of’ the Oscares awards from Transworld. There’s also a trio of spooky tunes, and we just might have a Gruesome Giveaway winner for the month of March (sponsored by Screamline Studios).

No Roundtable of Terror this show as we have too many interviews, but it will return next episode. All this, and so much more,

We hid the body, but you’ll become an accomplice just by listening to……..the BIG SCARY SHOW

Featured music:
Midnight Syndicate – Carnival of Carnage

Shadow Symphony – Wailing in the Air

Midnight Syndicate – Haverghast Asylum

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