Big Scary Show – Episode 274 – OUR 2022 Halloween Spooktacular!

Episode 274
Halloween is almost here and the (g)hosts are so excited that they’re pulling out all the stops and making Episode 274 our 2022 Halloween Spooktacular! We’re bringing you plenty of spooky, music, news, interviews, and so much more as we celebrate the greatest of holidays.

Storm is ranting about trick or treat bags in a Haunt Minute. Meathook Jim brings you a special Halloween themed Between the Corpses. Badger reads the latest in Deadline news, plus he went to Tiny Terror Con in Hickory NC and brings you interviews with some modern horror icons including the first Jason, the lost Leatherface, and Pepper. As a bonus, he talks with Jen from the Legendary Haunt Tour and discusses how you can close out the haunt season by visiting some really cool haunts in Nashville, TN. The Old Crone is back and reads us a special ghost story just in time for Halloween. In addition, we just might have a winner of the Gruesome Giveaway for the month of October. Who won? Stay tuned. We also bring you FIVE, count them, five rocking tunes that all celebrate the season.

The Roundtable of Terror discusses one of the most iconic images of Halloween; witches. We sit down with several modern-day witches and have a conversation about what it’s like being a witch in today’s society and how they celebrate All Hallow’s Eve. Did anyone ride in on a broom? Where do you get eye of newt anyway? And was anyone turned into a frog? Stick around to find out. All this, plus so much more.

We hid the body, but you’ll become an accomplice just by listening to……..the BIG SCARY SHOW. (Happy Halloween)

Featured music:
PsychoCharger – Tonight is Halloween, Wednesday 13 – Halloween 13-13 Halloween – Her Ghost Comes Out to Play,  Ragdolls – Halloween Night
Van Helsing’s Curse – Halloween

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