Big Scary Show – Episode 281 – The Haunted Attraction Association

Transworld is almost here and we’re making our final preparations to head to St Louis.. Hopefully you’ll find the time to come by booth 1444 and say hi to the Old Crone, Wicked Wendy, and Badger as they cover the biggest trade show in the industry. Let episode 281 of the Big Scary Show be your companion as you make the journey to the show.

Storm is ranting about DNA testing in a Haunt Minute. Meathook Jim brings you info on the Knights Templar in another installment of Between the Corpses. Badger reads the latest in Deadline news, and the Old Crone brings you tips on taking your staff to Transworld. We also bring you some rocking tunes to keep you in the Halloween mood. (Can you guess the theme?)

The Roundtable of Terror invites Spencer Terry, president of the Haunted Attraction Association, to have a seat, and we discuss what the HAA is doing at Transworld and beyond. There’s some important information regarding their 3-year-plan, the changes to the Board of Directors, and some very important information if your haunt is CHAOS certified. If you’re on the fence about becoming an HAA member, this Roundtable may convince you as to why becoming a member could benefit your haunt. All this, plus so much more.

We hid the body, but you’ll become an accomplice just by listening to……..the BIG SCARY SHOW. (And we’ll see you in St Louis.)

Featured music:
Valentine Wolf – Black Black Kisses                                                                                Solitude Black – I, Vampire                                                                                                    Baron Misuraca – As we Embrace                                                                            SpookhauS – I Wan 2B Your Vampire

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