Big Scary Show – Episode 284 – Dark Rides / Oddities and Curiosities Expo

March is finally here. As we slowly start to thaw out from the chill of winter and signs of spring are becoming more evident, let the Big Scary Show Episode 284 keep you entertained and informed while you start working on your builds. After all, it’s only 7 more months until October.

Storm rants about haunts for hippies in a Haunt Minute (yes, really). Meathook Jim talks about jails in Between the Corpses, Badger brings you the latest in Deadline News, plus several interviews from the Oddities and Curiosities Expo in Charlotte, and The Old Crone discusses business structures. We play some spooky tunes to keep you in the Halloween spirit, and we have a Gruesome Giveaway for March. Listen and enter. You could be a winner.

The Roundtable of Terror is all about Dark Rides. What constitutes a dark ride? Where are they located? Are they still being built? We bring in Drew Hunter from Sally Dark Rides to discuss the history and types of dark rides, and how Sally is keeping the industry moving forward into the 21st century. If you remember seeing or riding dark rides at your local fair or amusement park as a kid, be sure to stick around for this very interesting conversation.

We hid the body, but you’ll become an accomplice just by listening to……..the BIG SCARY SHOW.

Featured music:

Red Crow Designs – Body Freezer.                                                                                          Sam Haynes – Catacombs (Remix)                                                                                Sinister Symphonies – The Hellfire Club                                                                          Virgil – By the Fullness of the Moon

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