Big Scary Show – Episode 295 – Midsummer Scream Part 1

It’s August and that means the haunt season starts next month. The (g)hosts at the Big Scary Show are getting excited for all the upcoming spooky and scary stuff the 2023 season has to offer. Badger has already begun his season with a trip to the west coast to attend Midsummer Scream in Long Beach, California. While we bring you a LOT of interviews from the show floor this episode, there was just too much to cram into one show, so consider episode 295 to be part one of our coverage.

Storm is ranting about Stuffies, in a Haunt Minute. Meathook Jim discusses slavery in yet another installment of Between the Corpses. Badger reads the latest in Deadline news, and the Old Crone discusses sales tax in ‘Ask The Old Crone’. We’re also playing you some spooky tunes to keep you going as well as bringing you a new Gruesome Giveaway for August. Be sure to listen carefully for your chance to win. Dick Terhune is back with another slab from the Marketing Morgue, and as a bonus, we bring you the first ever edition of Tater’s Hot Take. What can that be about? Stay tuned.

The Roundtable of Terror invites two of our favorite guests, Ed Douglas and Gavin Goszka from Midnight Syndicate to have a seat at the table and discuss their upcoming NEW album and other things. If you love all things Midnight Syndicate, you do NOT want to miss this Roundtable. All this, and so much more on Episode 295 of the Big Scary show.

We hid the body, but you’ll become an accomplice just by listening to……..the BIG SCARY SHOW. (And please stay hydrated)

Featured music: (Midnight Syndicate)
Fortune’s Folly (Selected by Ed Douglas)
Slight Miscalculation
Fellowship of the House (Selected by Gavin Goszka)                                          Noctem Aeternus

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