Big Scary Show – Episode 299 – Haunt Beginnings and Endings

Episode 299
It’s the first full weekend of October, and the haunt season is getting into full swing. There’s a LOT of haunts opening up and ready to scare the pants and bodily fluids out of their patrons this weekend. The members of the Big Scary Show are just so excited to get out there and start visiting local and national haunts. But even though many haunts are opening up this weekend, many have been open for weeks, so get out there and support ALL the haunts.

Storm is ranting about burning haunts and spider doughnuts in a Haunt Minute. Meathook Jim discusses forerunners of the guillotine in Between the Corpses. Badger reads the latest in Deadline news, and the Old Crone talks about how young is too young to go through a haunt. The Haunt-Strumetallist Jerry Vayne returns to the show with a 2-part report from The Ritual Haunted Attraction in Englewood, Colorado, and Vysther is back with Part 2 of his retrospective of 20 years as a home haunter. We do have a Gruesome Giveaway for October, and we’re spinning you some spooky tunes to celebrate haunt season.

The Roundtable of Terror discusses haunted houses that are unfortunately shutting down and closing its doors after this season. We invite haunt owners from Illinois, Arkansas, and North Carolina to talk about why they’re closing, what they plan to do next, and if they’re going to stay connected to the industry. It’s a bittersweet Roundtable but they do get one last chance to go out on a high note. So get out there and see them before it’s too late. All this, and so much more.

We hid the body, but you’ll become an accomplice just by listening to……..the BIG SCARY SHOW. (And please support ALL the haunts)

Featured music:
Midnight Syndicate / Destini Beard – Endgame (Cold Embrace)                                Jerry Vayne – Blackmoon Asylum
Gathering of Darkness – Souls of Black
Shadow Symphony – Fairvale Funeral Parlor

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