Big Scary Show – Episode 65 – Halloween Season is Christmas

Episode 65

Be Forwarned, the Intro may scare you!!  While most of us are working this season, Badger still manages to get out there and load up this episode with interviews from Darkness Pines, Ghostly Manor, Mad World and Hills Have Eyes.  While the Unknown Scare-Actor and M.A.U.L. are terrorizing Indy Scream Park, he still manages a Face Your Fears, while Storm rants like only he can.

Badger brings us the latest Deadline News, and the Haunt-strementalist, as always, spins the Halloween and Haunt related songs, and we may a the latest winner of the Gruesome Giveaway, sponsored by Screamline Studios.

Remember, we warned you about the intro, and it’s not our fault if your ears bleed!!


We hid the body, but you will become an accomplice,

Just by listening to…THE BIG SCARY SHOW!!


Featured Music:

Rainbow Flavored Nightmares – Audio Zombie

Grave Robber Blues – Bloody Jug Band

Darkness Falls – A Gathering of Darkness