Big Scary Show – Episode 67 – PHD

Episode 67

So Haunt Season is over and most of us are suffering PHD(Post Halloween Depression) or PHP (post Halloween Plague), but fear not!  the Big Scary Show will carry you through the tough times.  We have so many interviews this show that there in no room for the Roundtable of Terror, but it will be back next episode.  Badger and Storm were at Legendary Haunt Tour 2014, and had some sit down time with Ben Armstrong, Brett Molitor, Haunted Overload, Corwyn 13th Gate, Honeymoon Couple, Tim Dunn, Kevin Alvey, and Michael Accomondo.  Jerry Vayne gets some inteviews in from Vegas, with 31 Haunts in 31 Days, Freakling Brothers Trilogy of Terror, and Hotel Fear.

While the boys were out getting interviews, The Unknown Scare-Actor was busy in business dealings and is now co-owner of Scream Acres Ct. in Covington, KY, partnering with Ryan Thierauf.  Next Season will be a terror filled one.

Storm rants on in a Haunt Minute, the Unknown Scare-Actor babbles in Face Your Fears, Badger keeps us up to date in Deadline News, and the “Hauntstrementalist” Spins the tunes.

We hid the body, but you will become an accomplice, just by listening to



Featured Music:

Psycho Charger – Route 666

Red Crow Design – Body Freezer

Silent Horror – Evil Dead