Big Scary Show – Episode X – Gruesome Giveaway

Time for the last long weekend before the haunt season kicks into high gear and what better reason to lock your self in the workshop then a new Big Scary Show packed with more horror and haunt experience then Vincent Price’s suit. Badger brings you and interview with a true horror original Ari Lehman, the first Jason Voorhees. While you are putting together those last props Jerry Vayne will take apart some music in De-composing, then have you get your grove on with some choice music. The Unknown Scare Actor takes on the idea of unprepared actors and will never look at that unfinished costume in the corner the same way after you listen to Face Your Fears brought to you by DarkSpectre. Storm takes on the internet and homemade memes in a Haunt Minute.

The Round Table of Terror breaks out the comfy chair for one of the biggest and most experienced names in the haunt industry, Chad Savage. We sit down with Chad to tap his creative wisdom of how he got started, evolved his career and continues his daily struggle with last minute clients and horde of basement spiders. We also find out why John Goodman has a new special connection with Chadís work and something that could be part of your haunt right now.

We round out the show with feature stories in Deadline News, a winner for our first Gruesome Giveaway, and a podcast veteran makes his first appearance on the show. Dog Soldier grabs his grave digging shovel and digs up an interview with actor Craig Sheffer. All the haunting labor is done for you this Labor Day so you can enjoy an all new episode!

We hid the body, but you will become an accomplice just by listening to the Big Scary Show!!!

Episode X featured music:

The Hell Fire Club by Sinister Symphonies
Jason Never Dies by First Jason
Zombie Cowboys by Revered D-Ray and The Shockers