Big Scary Show – Episode XVII – December is upon us

Winter is starting to bring it’s icy grip to our listeners, but the real chill in you blood comes from the the line up in this episode. We start things off by talking to one of the best sources of knowledge for a real American monster. Lyle Blackburn tells us about The Beast of Boggy Creek and why your haunt might not be the scariest thing lurking in the wilderness. Dog Soldier is back with an interview to awaken your inner Mobile Infantry grunt with Casper Van Dien. We also talk to Joe Moe to get the inside scoop on Mad Monster Party and it’s 2013 can’t miss line up of Horror icons.
The Round Table of Terror is back but with Storm out on his post haunt retreat the (g)Hosts have an empty seat to fill. Who better then Victor Bariteau to sit down with the guys and talk about the hit Documentary American Scream. Find out about the filming, and all the big changes Vic has had with his haunt career over the past year. This is a can’t miss discussion for anyone in the haunt industry to hit on where you have been and where you are going with your haunt.
Badger is still working to shake that post-Halloween cough but it’s not going to stop him from keeping you in the know with Deadline News. The Unknown Scare Actor takes a look at the craziness December brings with it and how the Holidays can bring a real chill down your spine on Face Your Fears. Storm comes down from the mountains to rant about the wrong type of change to be thinking about in a Haunt Minute. Don’t forget what makes the show best for playing in the car while doing your Christmas shopping, Jerry Vayne has some dark tunes to pump you up and fight the crowds. We also have yet another Gruesome Giveaway winner to talk too, and give you the skinny on how you can be the next fan we talk too. And since you made it to the end of this episode’s synopsis you are the first to know we are swinging the “Big Hammer” for the December Prize! There is a ton of icy chills to help get you through the December Blah and find some Halloween spirit to energize you Holiday, so grab a nice hot beverage for this packed episode.
We hid the body, but you will become an accomplice just by listening to the Big Scary Show!!!

Episode XVII featured music:
Zombies Ate My Neighbors by Coffin Caddies
Halloween Night by Ragdolls
Into the Night by Monster a go go