Big Scary Show – Episode XVIII – Happy HorrorDays

Christmas is upon us and the Yule Log burns bright in the fireplace. However instead of carols of joy and good tidings a dark presence is creeping in the shadows cast by the flickering firelight. The Big Scary Show is playing in the chill December air making sure you can’t stray too far from the frights of Halloween and the haunt industry. That’s not to say we aren’t keeping things festive!! We talk with Jack Wallen author of I Zombie I, and embrace the zombie lifestyle.
The Round Table of Terror has a special holiday treat as the (g)Hosts talk with author and artist Brom as he brings new life into the dark folklore of the Krampus! That’s right Santa Claus did not always associate with jolly elves, there was once a creature that brought more then just coal to naughty children. The group talks about the origins of this creature, it’s effects on Christmas and the revival of the Krampus into modern celebrations. You will never see Christmas the same way after spending some time in Brom’s haunting imagination.
Badger is unloading a stocking full of Deadline News to keep you from getting too distracted by the egg nog. The Unknown Scare Actor has quite a holiday poem for you in Face Your Fears. Stormy Claus unleashes a rant on holiday retail servitude in Haunt Minute, and Jerry Vayne has dug up some holiday tunes that put the classic carols to shame. Holiday greetings and other fantastic evil gumdrops dance in your heard as you tune in and celebrate our first Christmas episode.
We hid the body, but you will become an accomplice just by listening to the Big Scary Show!!!

Episode XVIII featured music:
No Presents For Christmas by King Diamond
Carol of the Belts by Here Come The Mummies
Buried By Christmas by Wednesday 13
Tis The Season by Jud Block