Happy Horrordays and Friday the 13th

Episode XLIII

‘Tis the season for such legends as Santa Claus, the Krampus, sugarplum fairies and a Friday the 13th. Will you get a stocking full of coal? We
know we will!

The Roundtable of Terror, to commemorate this holiday season, discusses Christmas Haunts. Will you be visiting any?

The interviews in the show this month are an excellent companion to Friday, the 13th! We interview Kane Hodder, star of several Friday the 13th
movies as Jason Vorhees, Victor Miller, the “father” of Jason Vorhees, and Sean Cunningham, Producer and Director of the original Friday the
13th. What a trifecta!

In this episode’s Deadline News there’s important information about the 2014 Halloween Extreme convention, breaking news on the creation of the
Scary Stories Movie and even more! Storm rants on in a Haunt Minute about haunters that wish the Krampus were real. What’s your take on it? The
Haunt Rocker rocks on in his awesome way, continuing to offer the best in eerie music, and the Unknown Scare Actor talks about holiday phobias
such as Christougenniatiko Dendrophobia. Never heard of it? Listen and learn! And as a special segment this show, you can listen to the Unknown
Scare Actor’s rendition of a timeless story, “’Tis the Fright Before Christmas”. A new Gruesome Giveaway question is offered up for you sleuths
in our audience, can you find the answer somewhere in our show? If you do, make sure to email your answer to contest@bigscaryshow.com . Good

We hid the body, but you will become an accomplice just by listening to the Big Scary Show!!!
Episode XLIII featured music:
Jason Never Dies – by First Jason
‘Til Death Do Us Party – by Wednesday 13